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1HL 1 Hole
2HL 2 Hole
3HL 3 Hole
4HL 4 Hole
5HL 5 Hole
6HL 6 Hole
ABG Airbag Logo
ACC Accessories/Fitting
ACU Acoustic PVB Interlayer
ADC Adaptive Cruise Control
AEB Autonomous Emergency Braking Camera
AIR Air Conditioning
ALM Alarm
ALU Aluminium
AML Alarm Logo
AMP Antenna for Mobile Phone
ANT Antenna
AQU Aquacontrol (Coating to repel water)
ATH Athermique
BBK Bright Black
BLK Black
BND Band
BRK Brakelight
CAM Multi function camera
CEN Centre
CHR Chrome
CHT Heating through Coating (No wires)
COA Coated
COL Colour specific - Part requires spraying
CONV Convertable
CPE Coupe
CRU Cruise Control Sensor
D/G Double Green
DBG Doubleglazed
DHC Drop head coupe
DIM Self Dimming Mirror
DVP De-misting sensor
ELE Electric
EMS Emergency Messaging System
ENC Encapsulated
EST Estate
F/W Full Width
FHC Fixed Head Coupe
FLT Flat
FQ Front Quarterlight
FSL Front Slider
FXD Fixed
GPS GPS Navigation System
H/B Hatchback
HBA High Beam Assist
HLS Headlight sensor
HRF Highroof
HTD Heated (Full screen)
HTW Wiper Heated
HUD Head Up Display
ICE In car Entertainment Systems
IMM Immobiliser Logo
KEY Keyless-Go Antenna
LAM Laminated
LDW Lane Departure Warning
LFT Left
LH Lefthand
LHD Lefthand Drive
LOGO Logo (Dealer Part)
LSB Light Sensor Bracket
LTB Liftback
LWB Long wheel base
MAN Manual
MCN Modified Connectors
MID Middle
MIR Mirror Boss
MOB Opening
MOD Modification
MOS Silk print for Moisture Sensor
MPT Mirror Patch
MRC Mirror reversing camera
MRP Mirror Position
MSB Moisture Sensor silkscreen with bracket
MUL Moisture and Light sensor
N/H No Holes
NAV GPS Navigation System
NBK No Brake Light
NMB No Mirror Boss
NOACC without Accessories/Fittings
NOALM without Alarm
NOANT without Antenna
NOBRK without Brakelight
NOMIR No Mirror boss
NOSLK No Silkscreen
NOVIN without VIN window
NOWPR without wiper hole
NVA Night Vision Assist
OMB Oval Mirror Boss
OPK Optikool (Pilkington Solarcontrol Glass)
OPN Opening
PAR Parasol (Solarcontrol Glass)
PRE Diesel Pre-Heating Antenna
PRV Privacy Glass
PVB Cut-Out in PVB for Toll Booth Readers
QTR Quattro Silkscreen
RDR Rear Door
REAR Rear (Normally used for quarterlights)
RET Retainer
RGT Right
RH Right Hand
RHD Righthand Drive
RMB Round Mirror Boss
RND Round
RSL Rear Slider
RTV Radio TV Connectors
S/W Short Width
SAL Saloon
SDM Sundym - Dark Tint Glass
SEK Sekuflex
SKS Sekurasol (Sekurit Solarcontrol Glass)
SLD Sliding
SLK Silkscreen
SLX Solaextra Blue Tint Solarcontrol Glass
SMB Square Mirror Boss
SOL Solarcontrol Glass
SOS SOS Antenna
SPL Spoiler
SQU Square
SUN Sungate (Solarcontrol Glass)
SWB Short Wheel Base
TLG Tailgate
TSR Traffic Sign Recognition
USA USA Specification
VEN Venus (Solarcontrol Glass)
VICS Vehicle Information and Communication System
VIN Vin Window
VP2 2 Velcro Patches
VP3 3 Velcro Patches
VP4 4 Velcro Patches
WPR Wiper